Jerry Springer: The Opera

Hope Mill Theatre, Manchester; Tuesday 13th August, 2019


It ain’t easy being me:

billions of voices,

making all the wrong choices;

then turning around and blaming me.


Nearly three decades have passed since The Jerry Springer Show burst off American cable channels and became a massive and instant TV hit across the world. The simple formula for creating entertainment out of ordinary people airing their dirty laundry in public still holds an elusive X factor that imitators have never quite matched.Read More »

The Community Centre

The King’s Arms, Salford; Thursday 8th August, 2019


Welcome to the community centre, a very Mancunian community centre: this is the gentle, beating heart that quietly ticks away; the lifeblood that unites an extravagant community of assorted characters.

Written by soap star and comedienne Nicola Gardner, The Community Centre depicts a day in the life of a fictional hub where visitors can come to simply pass the time away, and it appears that the under-worked staff can do the same too. Read More »


HOME Theatre, Manchester; Tuesday 9th July, 2019


The day has not yet begun, but she’s going for a swim. She will swim in the cold waters of the lake, it will help her to heal, maybe it will also help her to forget.

Theatre maker Liz Richardson has been on secret swimming trips, but not just to the local pool: these are wild swimming adventures, out in the open, exposed to the elements. A new hobby it seems, though one which, below the surface, appears to be as deep and mysterious as the open waters in which she’s swimming.Read More »


Twenty Twenty Two, Manchester; Tuesday 30th July, 2019

Delivered in the final days of the 2019 Greater Manchester Fringe Festival, Bypass by Manchester-based Hung Theatre is effectively a mini festival within a festival being comprised of eight, short theatrical compositions connected by a common theme. 

The show delivers outputs from writers – mostly graduates of the Royal Exchange Theatre’s Young Company – who were simply given the title, Bypass, and then proverbially poked with the following stick: 

“The home you were raised in is being concreted over, any parting words?”

Read More »

There Is A Light That Never Goes Out: Scenes From The Luddite Rebellion

Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester; Monday 29th July, 2019


On August 16th, 2019, the city of Manchester will be marking the 200th anniversary of the Peterloo Massacre – a defining moment in British political history in which tens of thousands of civilian protestors seeking parliamentary reform were viciously attacked by their own armed forces.

There Is A Light That Never Goes Out picks up the story of simmering discontent and insurrection some seven years earlier, twelve miles away in the small town of Westhoughton at the foot of Winter Hill just outside Bolton.Read More »

The Book Of Now

Hope Aria Academy, Manchester; Saturday 27th July, 2019


It’s small and blue, bigger than a matchbox, but smaller than a letter box. 

This is The Box.  

It looks as if it could contain a ring. Or perhaps a badge, maybe a pendant? You could probably get a small necklace or a bracelet in there. Maybe it’s not jewellery at all, there could be a pair of cufflinks in there, or maybe something boring like earplugs?

This is The Box, and we need to proverbially think outside of the box to figure out what’s actually in it.Read More »

Mémoires d’un Amnésique

The International Anthony Burgess Foundation, Manchester; Saturday 27th July, 2019


Dear Sir,

Monsieur Fuckface.

I shit on you with all my might.


French composer Erik Satie didn’t get on well with critics.

Apparently they just didn’t get his vision, so nearly a century after his death Amusia Productions have created the mysterious Mémoires d’un Amnésique – a deeply moving theatrical insight into the mind that composed some of the musical world’s most infamous piano pieces.Read More »