Patient 4620

The Crypt, St. Philips Church, Salford; Saturday 6th July, 2019



Just off Chapel Street in Salford lies the basement crypt of the 200-year-old St Philips Church: an eerie vault which still holds intricately carved headstones, wispy spider’s webs, dark tunnels – and no doubt countless chronicles of those departing souls that have passed through it over the years.

An apt location then for an exhibition of art works by the revered but mysterious painting phenomenon that is Gretel Sauerbrot. 

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The King’s Arms, Salford; Friday 5th July, 2019

I  T  ’  S     A     P  A  R  T  Y  !  !


That’s what the bunting says. The music is on, the drinks are flowing: Bri (Like The Cheese) is throwing a massive party and we’re all invited!!

She’s got the party poppers popping, she’s got paper hats, balloons, booze – all we need to do is put our hands up like the ceiling can’t hold us!


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A Touch of Magic

The King’s Arms, Salford; Thursday 4th July, 2019


35 years. You’d get less for murder. Much less.

And after seeing the state of Carol and Ron Turner’s marriage you might well actually resort to murder.

The Turners are on holiday. Looking to make sure his Mrs has a good time, Ron books a relaxing fortnight away in sunny Tenerife, surely the perfect way to celebrate a big wedding anniversary?

The champagne flows, the lobster is ordered, there’s sun, sea, sand, there’s even the smallest and tiniest possibility of sex – it’s a holiday that couldn’t possibly go wrong.Read More »


HOME Theatre, Manchester; Wednesday 8th May, 2019


Nasi Voutsas is perched on top of a large A-framed ladder and he’s not coming down. Nervously pacing around beneath him is Bertrand Lesca, urging him to descend: first he asks nicely, speaking softly about love and friendship; but when that fails he turns to audience members and asks them to help out.

Nothing seems to work though, Nasi is just not having it. He’s staying put.Read More »


The Lowry, Salford; Tuesday 23rd April, 2019


A child is born into a world of phenomena all equal in their power to enslave. It sniffs – it sucks – it strokes its eyes over the whole uncomfortable range. Suddenly one strikes. Why? Moments snap together like magnets, forging a chain of shackles. Why?

Seventeen-year-old Alan Strang is a deeply disturbed young man guilty of a horrific act of cruelty – in one night of deranged violence he viciously and deliberately blinds six horses in the stable where he works. It falls to unwilling child psychiatrist Dr. Martin Dysart to answer the question on everyone’s lips: why?Read More »


HOME Theatre, Manchester; Tuesday 9th April, 2019


In 2017 Barcelona-based theatre company Agrupación Señor Serrano bought their intriguing performance Birdie to HOME theatre in Manchester. Birdie was an astonishing work of art – an entire stage show crafted from the forensic deconstruction of a single photograph.

Kingdom seems to very much pick up where Birdie left off, specifically the creation of an incredible entertainment spectacle from the most unlikely and unexpected of sources – this time it’s a gloriously elaborate stage-based documentary about the world’s most popular fruit: bananas.Read More »

Beyond Belief

The Lowry, Salford; Friday 15th March, 2019


Your mind is just software: update it.

Death is just a disease: cure it.

We are Beyond Belief: believe in forever.


Welcome to the astonishing world of Beyond Belief™: a hi-tech corporation who will usher forth computing innovations from the future in order to being back the rocking good times of your past.

The geeky R&D nerds at Beyond Belief™ have been pushing and pulling at the boundary between software and hardware, now these techno-boffins stand triumphant with their latest service release: nothing less than the ability to resurrect the dead.Read More »