There Is A Light That Never Goes Out: Scenes From The Luddite Rebellion

Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester; Monday 29th July, 2019


On August 16th, 2019, the city of Manchester will be marking the 200th anniversary of the Peterloo Massacre – a defining moment in British political history in which tens of thousands of civilian protestors seeking parliamentary reform were viciously attacked by their own armed forces.

There Is A Light That Never Goes Out picks up the story of simmering discontent and insurrection some seven years earlier, twelve miles away in the small town of Westhoughton at the foot of Winter Hill just outside Bolton.Read More »

The Book Of Now

Hope Aria Academy, Manchester; Saturday 27th July, 2019


It’s small and blue, bigger than a matchbox, but smaller than a letter box. 

This is The Box.  

It looks as if it could contain a ring. Or perhaps a badge, maybe a pendant? You could probably get a small necklace or a bracelet in there. Maybe it’s not jewellery at all, there could be a pair of cufflinks in there, or maybe something boring like earplugs?

This is The Box, and we need to proverbially think outside of the box to figure out what’s actually in it.Read More »

Mémoires d’un Amnésique

The International Anthony Burgess Foundation, Manchester; Saturday 27th July, 2019


Dear Sir,

Monsieur Fuckface.

I shit on you with all my might.


French composer Erik Satie didn’t get on well with critics.

Apparently they just didn’t get his vision, so nearly a century after his death Amusia Productions have created the mysterious Mémoires d’un Amnésique – a deeply moving theatrical insight into the mind that composed some of the musical world’s most infamous piano pieces.Read More »

My Fitbit Called Me A Fat Bitch!

The King’s Arms, Salford; Friday 26th July, 2019


There’s a Clouooouuud Maaaaan,

waiting in the sky …

Yeah and he has all your photos, text messages, emails, credit card transactions, Likes, Shares, right-swipes – he’s got everything about you; and whether you like it or not he’ll be keeping it forever and ever and ever.

There can’t be too many people in this world who haven’t, at some point, cringed in revulsive horror at the thought of what our virtualised, digital imprints actually say about us. 

What if someone (or something) is out there, looking at all your digital scraps, judging you, sneering at you? What if they actually manage to figure you out – and then decide to tell everyone else?Read More »

Drowning In Silence

Salford Arts Theatre; Wednesday 24th July, 2019


Things are not the same. Everything changes, and I hate it without you.

Michelle (Emily Cox) and Jane (Libby Hall) are inseparable sisters with just three years between them. Theirs is a happy life of playing in the park, games of hide and seek, dressing up dolls; but as they progress into their teenage years events within the family appear to be driving them apart – and neither seems capable of stopping it.Read More »

Revolt. She Said. Revolt Again.

Joshua Brooks, Manchester; Tuesday 23rd July, 2019


“I am taking my vagina,” she said.

“I am taking my structured vagina. Yes, that is what I am doing. Taking my vagina.”

A deeply notional and abstract concept? Somewhat hypothetical maybe, perhaps a meta-theatrical allegory? One which requires interpretation by the audience in order to uncover hidden meaning in amongst the muddled context of cultural standards that forcibly drive the suppression of female behaviourisms?

Compared to the rest of the show though, these were lines of relatively lucid clarity.Read More »


The King’s Arms, Salford; Monday 22nd July, 2019



A police officer lies dead. Detective Rose Karlan has a chief suspect on the run, the cat-and-mouse chase is intensifying and Karlan knows she’s running out of time: she needs to find him fast, before he further escalates his sociopathic vision to to cleanse the world of what he sees as corruption – no matter what the cost.

But with his whereabouts uncertain Detective Karlan suddenly finds her investigation trapped with only one, last viable avenue open to hunt down the wanted man – through his mother.Read More »