The War on Drugs

O2 Apollo, Manchester; Sunday 12th November 2017



If you’re a passionate music lover, one of the most upsetting things about falling in love with a band has to be the numbing disbelief of recalling that it was a pure-chance event that led you to ever stumble across them in the first place. Some music fans might be lucky enough to be involved in the industry, where perhaps they can take a John Peel-like role in systematically hunting out all the gems that lie out there waiting to be discovered. But for the rest of us it will be pure chance. And with that comes the wide-eyed horror of contemplating what life might be like if I hadn’t been exactly there to discover that band exactly when I did.Read More »

Charlie and the Bukowskies

Home Theatre, Manchester; Saturday 8th July 2017



Charles Bukowski was a German-born poet and writer who, as a child, moved with his family from Germany to America in the 1920s. Despite initial struggles, he seems to have spent most of his later life in Los Angeles doing not much more than simply having a very, very good time.

Based in Amsterdam, Nineties Productions have taken the spirit and ethos of Bukowski’s life and works and turned it into an extravagant tribute concert that is, quite frankly, crazier than a bag of spanners. Read More »

Music for the Mind and Soul

The Bridgewater Hall, Manchester; Sunday 30th April 2017.



Based on the campus of Liverpool’s Hope University, Milapfest is Britain’s leading Indian classical arts development trust, with a mission to ‘unite hearts through arts’.

For more than two decades the trust has been running a monthly concert series, Music for the Mind and Soul. The events provide an opportunity to showcase the work of established stars as well as emerging performers of classical Indian music.Read More »