Home Theatre, Manchester; Wednesday 31st October, 2018


They dance and smile, they leap around and shout with joy – they’re here to deliver a performance that the audience will never forget. But this may not quite turn out the way that you’d imagine it because these are no ordinary clowns: these are clowns that will cut your throat and shoot you in the head – this is a SHOW of a different kind.

Hot on the heels of the stunningly impressive Grand Finale in early 2018, the Hofesh Shechter company return to Manchester with their new creation: SHOW – yet another mind-bending conundrum of surrealist modern dance.Read More »


The Lowry, Salford; Monday 7th May, 2018


Choreographed and performed by leading flamenco artist Manuel Liñán, Sinergia is an energetic, hour-long production of music and dance which showcases the traditional components of flamenco – a genre originally fused from a variety of southern Spanish folk music styles.

With a guitarist, two singers and Liñán himself, the performance combines the familiar components of flamenco into a series of acts which, as the name of the show suggests, are intended to together produce a synergetic effect greater than the sum of their parts.Read More »

Grand Finale

Home Theatre, Manchester; Wednesday 31st January, 2018

Seemingly inspired by the story of the resolute orchestra who continued to play even as the Titanic sank around them, Grand Finale is a spectacular piece of physical theatre which mixes the sultry hopelessness of despair with the feverish energy of joyous fun.

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Moore Bacon!

Home Theatre, Manchester; Saturday 8th July 2017


On the final night of Manchester’s Flare Festival of new international theatre, Belgian director Bosse Provoost briefly appeared in the foyer of Home Theatre and introduced himself to the gathered audience waiting to take their seats. He politely asked everyone to turn their mobile phones off and warned that the entire performance would be delivered in the dark.

He wasn’t exaggerating. It really was dark, very, very dark, it took the best part of five minutes for everyone to stumble their way in and find a seat without falling over each other. This simple task was made all the more difficult by the presence of the alarming spectacle on stage: what appeared to be a human body sat upright, all curled up with only the spine and back exposed, lit up with the only light in the room: a small flickering candle.

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Home Theatre, Manchester; Thursday 6th July 2017



Created and performed by Belgian actor Simon de Winne, Baardeman is a puzzling dance spectacle centred around one man and his extreme dance moves.

This is theatrical performance stripped bare – almost literally. The audience is greeted by a man sat beside the stage in his underwear. He seems fairly relaxed. Eventually he steps forward and begins the show. With no accompanying music or sound effects, he begins to unleash the kind of dance moves that would probably result in an arrest and some form of co-ordinated social care intervention by numerous government authorities, rather than just a removal from the premises by an impatient bouncer.Read More »

MK Ultra

Home Theatre, Manchester; Wednesday 3rd May 2017.


MK ULTRA pic 4 - credit Brian Slater
Image credit: Brian Slater


If you’re confident that, right now, no one else is looking at your screen, do a Google search for “MK Ultra”.

What you’ll find is rather quite disturbing. It seems that the American government was up to no good back in the 1950s, devising hideous methods of mind control in order to overpower and subjugate ordinary people. Read More »