The King’s Arms, Salford; Friday 5th July, 2019

I  T  ’  S     A     P  A  R  T  Y  !  !


That’s what the bunting says. The music is on, the drinks are flowing: Bri (Like The Cheese) is throwing a massive party and we’re all invited!!

She’s got the party poppers popping, she’s got paper hats, balloons, booze – all we need to do is put our hands up like the ceiling can’t hold us!


Good times.

No but hold on. Yeah ok, so she’s obviously quite gobby; not in, like, a bad way – maybe it’s just because she’s so short, maybe she thinks she needs to say more than others??? I’m not being funny or anything but she is quite short, just saying, she admitted it herself.

Don’t know.

But she definitely does talk a lot. Bri (Like The Cheese) says that because of her height she’s never been physical, instead she fights with words. 

Gobby the play is an hour-long house-party mingle where the audience says a massive “Hiya!!” and Bri (Like The Cheese) then gives it some side chat – mostly about all these other get-togethers that she’s been to in, like, the last two years or something. 

She says all these other parties were a bit minging, loads of cringing weirdness going on. Like being so nervous that you act surprised to see someone even though you’re at their house party. That kind of weird.

Perhaps she’s just a bit shy or something, a bit nervous maybe?

Anyway, there was that time with Some Guy who was a bit weird; then Beth did that Come Dine With Me thing at her place; oh and there was FULLY FLIRTING WITH MICK which was way too weird. Basically there were some properly weird parties.


Thankfully Gobby the play isn’t another one of those weird gatherings that you kind of just want to get out of. Yeah ok it is a bit weird, but it’s weird in a good way.

Writer and performer Jodie Irvine is the hostess of this one-woman soirée, sneakily crafting a happy, smiley knees-up vibe that hides something a little bit weird in the background.

She’s ok is the party girl Bri (Like The Cheese), she’s not like a weirdo or anything but it sounds like she has some issues in her past. It’s obviously all got something to do with Him and the way he treated her, but it feels a bit weird to ask as we don’t really know her.

But you know what, whatever it was all about, she seems to have gotten over it now. She doesn’t seem to care anymore and like she said: just feel whatever you want whenever you want it, and dance away like a clichéd millennial dick head.

I think she just wants to have a good party.

She’s allright is Bri (Like The Cheese), we could probably be mates actually. And as far as house parties go it was ok you know, I’ve definitely been to a lot worse 🙂



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